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Announcing: Discovery Lab Beta

We’re so excited to announce the launch of a new social project coming out of Radish Lab. Discovery Lab Beta was born from a pressing question we’ve continually run into while building this agency: how can we support amazing social impact projects–big or small, local or global–that don’t necessarily have the budget to hire an agency, but need some top-notch strategy and guidance?


Radish is a full-service agency, which means we aim to provide the full range of services required to fulfill a client’s needs. From website design and development to photoshoots, infographic design, data visualizations, and content production–or all of the above–even our simplest projects go through something we call the Discovery Lab. Depending on the nature of the project, a Discovery Lab can take many forms and last anywhere from a couple days to several weeks. The goal of the discovery process is to lay the foundation for a project. Research, dig deep, strategize, and discover. The key things we focus on most commonly are:

  1. Aligning teams. We work to make sure that everyone on your team and our team understands and is excited about a unified project direction. This can be particularly challenging during creative projects, and getting on the same page makes things run much smoother.
  2. Scoping and budgeting. Once we’re in the door and can ask our clients real questions about the way their organization operates and what their project really looks like, we help them plan and budget based on real, assessed needs, instead of just an RFP. We help clients create timelines and milestones that are realistic, and work with them to clarify the real cost of high-quality creative work.
  3. Information Architecture, UX, and UI. Whether it’s a big website or a small data story, we try to tackle user flows and key information hierarchies during the Discovery Lab. If it’s a redesign, this process is a little like cleaning out your closet–you need a friend to help you do it; otherwise, you’ll hang on to old stuff that just doesn’t work for you. If it’s a new project, we work to create clear user experiences and IA that works for on the tinest mobile phone through to the largest desktop screen.

We’ve built Discovery Lab Beta as a condensed, fast-paced, and highly effective version of our more robust Discovery Lab project phase.

We want to give organizations with exciting social impact projects the opportunity to workshop their ideas with lead strategists, designers, and technicians to help them get their ideas off the ground, or at least on the right track.

Each month, we’ll open the applications for Discovery Lab Beta through a simple form on our website, and each month we’ll choose one winning organization to participate in a free, no-strings-attached, all-hands-on-deck, 90-minute Discovery Lab. We can do this on site at Radish Lab or virtually, if you’re not in the New York City area.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your organization’s brand, build a new website, plan a mobile app, or just start thinking about what digital approach might be best for your organization, Discovery Lab Beta is a place where we’ll help you workshop, incubate, and kickstart some amazing projects. All for organizations and people committed to social change.

Applications for the first session, to be held in mid-October, are open now and due by September 30th. To apply, click here. And share this around!