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End of Life: October’s Discovery Lab Beta Project

We are very excited to announce John Bruce as winner of our first ever Discovery Lab Beta workshop.

As fellow at the New School’s Graduate Institute for Design Ethnography and Social Thought, John Bruce is working on an ongoing project entitled End of Life, which employs observational cinema to develop intimate and compelling portraits of people as they navigate various stages of the end of life. Through this project John and his team hope to generate critical conversations about mortality and to create more intentionality around end of life thought, practices, and care. As they move forward with this project they hope to address these key questions: “How might our society evolve to actively address the cultural and systemic deficiency of compassionate care for the dying? How might we embrace end of life in ways that do not marginalize the terminally ill? In what ways might we shift from our current lack of information and resources regarding ways to navigate options for the end of life?”

JB and Miriam2

Keep an eye out for updates on our work with John Bruce and his incredible project.

We host a new Discovery Lab Beta workshop every month, so if you have a project you think would benefit from this program, please feel free fill out an application. The next round of applications close on October 30, 2015.