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Saying Goodbye to Your Work Wife


If you’ve never heard the term work wife, it’s exactly what it sounds like. That special someone who gets your sense of humor, suggests an obligatory drink after work when you’re feeling blue, is always in your corner. Your work wife is your better half at the office, and finding them pushes you to do your best work. Not only does your WW add value to your productivity, but relationships like these in the office add incredible energy to the culture overall. Basically, I would argue that any professional environment would benefit from fostering work wifery.

So what do you do when your WW gracefully accepts a position somewhere else? After you’re done mopping the puddle of tears under your desk, dust yourself off and cherish the last days you’ve got with her. Here are some things I think can accomplish just that:

Spend time discussing all that she contributed to your workplace. This is a good exercise to practice for any and every employee. Praise is crucial in keeping spirits strong. But in this instance, make sure you’ve got a drink in hand to toast her. She’s a queen, after all.

Show up early and trick out her desk. There’s nothing more fun than a 9 A.M. surprise. Cover that shit in balloons, succulents, framed photos of Bernie Sanders, the raw materials are up to you. Trust me, she’ll love it.

Take a trip to her favorite spot after work! I consider the hours immediately after work to be very sacred. What better way to spend your decompression time than doing something celebratory with someone who absolutely deserves it!

No matter what you do, seriously consider showing this person and every person what they mean to you. Committing to your life’s work is unmistakably an important endeavor to take on, but dedicating time to relationships and the celebration of others is a way of adding purpose to your life. Viva la work wives.

Dedicated to Sarah Cantler.