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Discovery Lab Beta: Hosh


On Friday, we hosted the great folks from Hosh Yoga and Hosh Kids, two Brooklyn programs focused on bringing health and wellness to young and old alike, for our fourth Discovery Lab Beta. They shared with us a bit about what their dreams are for their new websites, incorporating their multiple Hosh programs into their new umbrella brand, “Hosh Foundation,” and addressing some of their day-to-day technical and marketing challenges.

Here’s how Discovery Lab Beta works.

Organizations like Hosh apply for Discovery Lab Beta because they have a specific project or problem they think Radish Lab can help them with. Sometimes it’s a new website or infographic. Sometimes it’s a broader user experience concept–it could be anything! When you work for an organization and are deeply entwined in the work, it can be hard to take a step back and think strategically about priorities and goals. That’s where we come in.

We kicked off our Discovery Lab with Hosh by asking their team what they think works well on their current sites. They like the overall simplicity of both sites, their existing home pages and the accessibility of the schedule on the Hosh Yoga site. They also shared their favorite websites and explained why they love them. This kind of brainstorming makes for some great creative inspiration!

Then we got down to the nitty gritty – the Hosh team talked about what they felt like could be improved and built upon. They want both their existing sites and their new site to feel more inviting, more welcoming. They want young people to be inspired by their mission, and they want people to see that they do so much more than teach yoga. Through meeting with Henry, Nikole and Jocelyn, we were able to learn so much about the Hosh identity and what their core team sees for the future of their brand.


After our conversation, the Radish team proposed recommendations for how they could move forward with their new parent brand and website redesign. We also gave suggestions about what they could save money on by doing in-house, and what they should pass off to the pros.

We suggested Hosh first focus on language and branding. We tasked them with thinking about words and ideas that they think speak to their work most accurately. After identifying a clear brand and definition, we recommended they focus on the visual aspect of their brand – this includes their logo, visual identity and web presence. After fleshing out their plans for their brand, and figuring out what makes Hosh, Hosh – they will be ready to jump into the fun stuff, their new website.

Conversations like these are crucial to have before jumping into a website redesign. We can’t wait to see what the Hosh crew comes up with – check in with Radish on Facebook to learn more about Hosh’s process.