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Big Data Berlin


Last Thursday, Alana spoke at Big Data, Berlin, a free meetup sponsored by Dataconomy where experts and industry leaders give talks and lead discussions about data science. Dataconomy is a hub for innovation, as well as an online portal for news and events surrounding data science. Their Big Data events are held mostly in Europe, with additional meetups in San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Alana discussed Radish Lab’s process for creating data visualizations for social impact organizations, the challenges and successes we’ve had on various projects, and what we’ve learned from our experiences.

Based on the warmth of the audience’s response and the way they lined up to meet Alana after she wrapped, the presentation struck a chord. More than a few had some really exciting ideas for how to use data to tell a story, and we had fun exchanging ideas on how to tailor a data visualization to their specific projects.

Our take away: the German tech and startup scene is vibrant, welcoming, and well-informed. They’re also highly responsive to beer, free food, and elegantly designed presentations. We like to think that we managed to plant a few seeds that will help grow a Radish in Berlin.