American Promise (AP) is a national network of American citizens on a mission to put democracy back into the hands of the people by overturning Citizens United vs. FEC. Their goal is to do this through winning a 28th Amendment to the Constitution, which would forever keep Big Money out of politics.


AP’s previous website felt clunky, failed to coherently explain their mission and story, and had a color scheme that made it hard to stand out from other political organizations. The AP team wanted to redesign their site so that it would better represent the nonprofit’s values and could more effectively engage audiences during a highly charged election year.


The Radish team could tell from the start that NationBuilder was the ideal CMS solution for this project. NationBuilder comes loaded with a host of features designed for cause-based organizations, including donation page templates, crowdfunding integrations, and smart data management to safely control membership information. We took advantage of these tools to develop an integrated user experience allowing for multiple touchpoints and ways of getting involved: signing the American Promise petition, signing up for a newsletter, connecting on social media, becoming a monthly or annual member, and logging into an external AP Citizen portal.

Significant backend work was done to maximize NationBuilder’s capacity as a CMS. For example, we created three separate team sections, overrode NationBuilder’s directory listing structure to customize the order in which each person was displayed, and pulled in different information for each person using custom fields and people tags. This method allowed us to dynamically display selected profile elements from the NationBuilder dashboard so that the client could edit someone’s profile and see the change on the site immediately.

By implementing these changes, the redesigned website will help American Promise’s appeal for a more perfect democracy to be heard by all citizens of the internet.

Impact + Highlights

Updated design features, including a new, civic-themed icon set.
Extensively modified base theme with UI interactions to allow for tailored slider transitions, call-to-action image hover effects, customized responsive blockquote treatments, and smooth scrolling from the subnavigation.

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