Center For Media Justice

Client Profile

A progressive nonprofit aiming to end racism and poverty by supporting effective communications strategies and media policies in grassroots organizations.

The Project

The CMJ project included three major elements: a brand refresh, content overhaul, and web development. Because they’re a nonprofit reliant on philanthropy, our goal was to provide them with a web framework that would allow them to grow as new branches of funding came in — but still be 100 percent functional in the interim. The project also included work on a sister site, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net).

We worked with CMJ to redesign its webpage, getting rid of clutter and excess information, gutting and revamping the CMJ resource library, reworking and brightening both the CMJ and MAG-Net site’s color palettes, and providing the CMJ logo with a fresh and modern look.

A total content overhaul did not fit with the project’s budget constraints, so we worked extensively with CMJ’s great team of writers to develop a framework for the site’s content that would be easy for the client to utilize and update. Since CMJ is such a heavy content producer, we created an intuitive and user-friendly hashtag system that would allow visitors to click on a tag and be transported to a dynamic page that auto-populates with other content using that same page.

The CMJ project finished on time and in budget. We were able to significantly reorganize the CMJ website and used a flexible template paired with simple and specific design to create sites that clearly reflected the individual identities of both CMJ and MAG-Net.