Center for New York City Neighborhoods is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and protect affordable homeownership in New York so that middle- and working-class families can build strong, thriving communities. 


Late last year, the Center reached out to Radish Lab seeking a new graphic design and data visualization firm to keep on retainer as they promote and explore new homeowner-facing projects in 2018, as well as re-design internal communication materials. Since the start of our partnership with the Center, we’ve had the pleasure of working with them on a broad range of projects, each with varying levels of complexity and deliverable formats. The challenge has been to keep the project pipeline balanced as well as finding the best solutions to the myriad problems their websites experience due to convoluted codebases.  


In order to successfully manage the influx of projects from the Center, we’ve developed a system wherein for each project, we ask the Center to assign it a tier (1,2, or 3 depending on the relative level of time and effort they’d like us to devote to the project). We establish scope, level of effort, and timeline straight out the gate and conduct a formal discovery phase whenever the project is more involved. From the creation of event signage and social media graphics to designing research reports and maintaining their websites, we continue to help Center for NYC Neighborhoods effectively promote their brand and reach their audience, as well as ensure that their websites and other digital products are performing at their best. 

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