Climate Central

We teamed up with our friends at Climate Central to create an interactive heat map that brings to life some eye-popping data about the historic and projected rise in the number of dangerously hot days in cities across the U.S., and how this trend could affect vulnerable populations

For this project we used a vector-based program for interactive design called Sketch to design a map view with various screen states, hover effects, and an informative legend. We’ve worked with Climate Central on several other interactive projects in the past, so we chose a bright color palette on a muted blue background that not only aligned with their branding and theme, but effectively highlighted the data points and interactive elements to reinforce the extreme temperatures that were being portrayed.

The timeline for this project was very aggressive. The design process was about three weeks, with a development and implementation process of just under a week. We worked closely with the Climate Central team to keep the project on track, delivering an impactful and engaging interactive that effectively tells the story of how U.S. cities could get dangerously hot and humid in the next four decades.