Columbia University

Client Profile

A pioneering academic department focused on computationally intensive analysis of big data related to health, medicine, and biology.

The Project

We teamed up with Columbia University to redesign and reorganize their old website for Department of Biomedical Informatics (DBMI). We wanted to create a website with compelling content and easy-to-find, helpful information that would spur prospective students not just to surf the site, but to apply for a position in the program.

Our redesign included a complete rewrite of the site’s content to address the needs and interests of its audience. We wanted to help DBMI showcase their most exciting research and people and through interviews and on-site visits, our team of trained journalists and photographers provided five professionally crafted stories about DBMI’s impact in health and medicine.

We also implemented a custom room scheduling system and a sophisticated database for managing the department’s profiles, as well as infographics to provide quick explanations for really technical concepts.

The new DBMI site puts a spotlight on the content of greatest interest to their target audience and also makes DBMI’s impressive research efforts accessible to people who are not bioinformatics experts. We delivered a website with an intuitive user interface that empowers the client to make revisions, refresh content on a regular basis, and perform site-wide changes in a streamlined manner. The DBMI site is one that can grow with them, with a fresh look and feel that will keep it relevant for years to come.