With world-class faculty and facilities, Columbia’s DBMI focuses how big data can transform the study of biology and medicine and is one of the leading programs of its kind in the United States.


Redesign the old site’s content to make it relevant to both prospective and current students and faculty, highlight the department’s research breakthroughs, and keep it accessible to visitors who are not bioinformatics experts.


We created a website with compelling content and easy-to-find, helpful information that would spur prospective students not just to surf the site, but to apply for a position in the program. Through interviews and on-site visits, Radish Lab’s team of trained journalists and photographers drafted professionally crafted stories about DBMI’s impact in health and medicine to showcase their most exciting research. Radish also implemented a custom room scheduling system and a sophisticated database for managing the department’s faculty profiles, as well as infographics to provide quick explanations for highly technical concepts.

Impact + Highlights

  • Tripled the number of high-quality applicants to DBMI’s program, many of whom cited the stories Radish Lab developed in their applications
  • Redesigned content, focusing on subjects of greatest interest to the DBMI’s target audience while remaining accessible to non-experts
  • Continue to work with DBMI four years after their initial website launch on content strategy and site maintenance

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