Community Resource Exchange

The Client

Community Resource Exchange (CRE) is a New York City nonprofit consultancy that strengthens nonprofits, government agencies, and foundations. Originally founded in 1979 as a means for local organizations to share their knowledge and experience with other nonprofits that lacked those means, CRE quickly evolved into a “management support organization” that now offers a suite of services including consulting, leadership and management development, executive searches, and coaching.

The Project

CRE’s mission and reach have grown considerably since its founding, but the organization’s website and visual identity were in need of a refresh. CRE had been working to effectively communicate its mission, but many users who were visiting the site for the first time found it difficult to discern exactly what CRE does and find the information they were looking for.

To resolve this, we guided CRE through a content strategy overhaul. We took a thorough inventory of CRE’s existing content, and helped the CRE team rewrite and edit it. Working along those same lines, we revamped the website’s UX design to make it more interactive, welcoming, and engaging overall. Building the new CRE site on WordPress, we developed a color system that takes each user through a clear pathway. We also updated CRE’s logo and designed custom icons to create a professional and packaged look and feel for each of the organization’s key service areas.

We peppered fun interactions throughout the site that give off a vibrant yet professional feel, which has broad appeal amongst CRE’s audiences. For example, on each of the Service pages (Strategy + Planning, Organizational Management, Talent + Innovation, and Leadership Development) users are invited to explore CRE’s offerings through a system of specially designed ‘tout cards.’ These tout cards change color when a cursor hovers over them and expand once they’re clicked to reveal details about CRE’s methodology for each category.

The new CRE site is bright, eye-catching, and captivatingly fun to explore. The site makes use of clear, efficient language and a bold photo direction. Hence, it can tell the organization’s story in a way that resonates with each of its audiences. This is a site that CRE will be able to build on in the future, as it has the flexibility to grow along with the organization for years to come.