Enodo Rights

Client Profile

Enodo Rights is a consulting firm that specializes in analyzing their clients’ corporate strategies through a human rights lens. The firm gets its name from a Latin word that means “unravel” or “unknot.” Likewise, Enodo works to untangle business and human rights standards with legal precision.

Enodo screenshot

The Project

Enodo Rights’ original site, built on WordPress, felt stiff and didn’t highlight the firm’s work or its publications in a user-friendly way. First and foremost, Enodo Rights wanted a new site that was beautiful and interactive. After considering their content and how much of it would stay the same, we decided to build a static website, as opposed to a site built on WordPress or another CMS, as this would allow us to put our effort into creating a solid resource repository and a stunning visual experience.

Many of Enodo Rights’ clients are large corporations seeking to align their business strategies with international human rights standards, which Enodo’s team helps them to navigate. This created a unique challenge for Radish Lab’s designers, who were tasked with coherently explaining the complexities of Enodo Rights’ methods, as well as humanizing the sometimes difficult subject matter of their work. Thus, instead of drawing attention to Enodo itself or its clients, the Radish design team chose to put the focus of the website’s imagery on the people and places affected by the firm’s work. In addition, our content strategists worked with the Enodo team to develop a messaging strategy that was neither too cold and corporate, nor too warm and fuzzy, and could thus express Enodo Rights’ status as a leading authority in its field.

We went with a bold and beautiful photographic direction that highlights color, texture, and movement. The goal behind this was to highlight the social impact elements of Enodo’s work while also conveying its reputation of expertise, all in order to help them entice potential clients. To this end, we also developed a color palette that combined warm colors with cooler colors that lend to the feeling of professionalism, and help to elevate Enodo’s brand and messaging.

Thanks to clever use of mouse tracking, visitors will notice a high level of interactivity on the new website. For example, animations initiate around links as a user hovers over them, and images throughout the site move with the user’s cursor. These interactions are subtle, but striking, and along with consistent use of large-scale photographs of natural landscapes, help to make the site feel more alive and organic, and speaks to Enodo’s commitment to sustainability.