Funded through UNICEF, the Global Resource Information Directory (GRID) tracks and reports the efforts of countries around the world to put an end to online child sexual abuse.


The content from the original GRID project was in demand, but the original GRID site was non-responsive, outdated, and content-heavy, with more than 600 pages of content and an unwieldy user experience. 


In a mere 12 weeks, Radish moved GRID from a CMS-driven site to a data driven one, speeding up interactions and providing a simpler, more dynamic way to manage a wide array of content. We overhauled the design and created multiple user search pathways and a map exploration tool that allows users to visually navigate content. We built a custom content management system in Ruby on Rails that powers the areas of the site the client updates most frequently.

Impact + Highlights

  • Increase in information access for policy makers, academics, and governments to easy-to-understand information on online child safety and sexual exploitation.
  • Radish produced a compelling video to help contextualize the human story behind the data-heavy site.
  • The GRID site launched at the House of Lords in London, England in May 2016. 
  • Featured on the CSS Awards site on May 19, 2016.

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