Client Profile

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) is known for promoting collaboration on a diverse set of initiatives for the Kansas City region for over 40 years. In 2009, MARC launched its AirQKC program, an initiative with the intent of spreading air quality awareness and educating children and parents about steps they could take to improve the quality of air in the Kansas City area.

The Project

MARC came to Radish Lab hoping to broaden the target audience of its AirQKC initiative, which had been primarily targeted children and featured a kid-friendly cartoon character called Quinton. MARC wanted the new AirQKC site to address air quality issues that impact business owners, parents, and children alike, and to create a resource for the entire Kansas City region drawing on the substantial educational material MARC had already generated. They also wanted a website that was interactive, engaging, and mobile-friendly.

We were challenged with a tight turn around for this site, of about 12 weeks, but we had the advantage of a static site build on our side (we didn’t need to build out a content management system). From start to finish, we worked with the MARC team to manage expectations and quickly hone in on a creative direction and content approach that felt right. 

One core challenge we helped MARC tackle was migrating the content from the old AirQKC site and organizing it in a clear, visually-unified way. This content included articles, campaigns (such as the Kansas City Corporate Challenge), videos, and the SkyCast monitor which provides up-to-the-minute updates about Kansas City’s air quality. Our designer, Kelsey Bryden, with the input of creative director Alana Range, found a way to bring this content to life with colorful, fresh, image-rich design. The single page parallax scroll of the home page, the vivid iconography, and the robust navigation allow the design and content to remain at the forefront.

First-time visitors to the site will notice that it’s crisp, sleek, and vibrant, while still being playful. It’s a site for adults, but it retains the lighthearted appeal of its former incarnation. Radish helped structure all of this content on a visually and functionally dynamic new site and present it in a way that echos MARC’s triple bottom line of supporting the environment, the community, and business. The client had strong ambitions and a real vision for the site. We made an abstract vision tangible and the result was something simple, beautiful, and intuitive.