MenCare, a global campaign to promote fatherhood sponsored by Promundo Global, works in over 30 countries on five different continents to foster men’s involvement as engaged caregivers and to reinforce the principles of nonviolence. Through educational programming and advocacy initiatives, MenCare seeks to help men become allies in supporting women’s social and economic equality through the equal distribution of childcare and domestic duties.

The Project

MenCare uses a wide variety of media resources to support its cause, from globally distributed posters and multilingual publications to educational materials and narrative videos. The previous MenCare website failed to adequately showcase the program’s growing library of assets, both in terms of visual impact and sophisticated content organization. MenCare’s trove of rich, diverse content was buried in a cumbersome navigational structure on a website that failed to adapt responsively for mobile devices.

Our goal in redesigning the MenCare website was to create a robust content archiving system coupled with an elegant platform for highlighting visually rich multimedia assets. In consultation with the client, we constructed a new Information Architecture to allow users to easily identify and understand the range of MenCare’s projects, programs, and related media. We anchored the homepage with a multimedia slider that responds beautifully to mobile platforms and features both photos and videos. We developed crisp call-to-action modules, anchored with images, aimed at driving users to targeted pages. To highlight the centrality of MenCare’s global reach, we created a responsive world map thats highlights the regions and countries where MenCare has partner programs. Users can click on the map to jump to region-specific content. Robust indexing allows users to browse content organized by resource (publications, posters, videos, etc.) and to further filter by parameters such as country or type. Users can additionally view and download resources in multiple languages.

Because of launch-related public events, the client had to keep to an accelerated timeline for this project. In response, we created a novel workflow by engaging in design and UX iteration simultaneously, allowing the client to QA a live staging site with feedback on both design and UX during the development phase. By working in sprints on sections of the site organized by page type, we kept the client actively engaged throughout the process. They were able see the project come to life in real time at an early stage, and begin using the CMS to upload and organize content even as we iterated on design and UX refinements.

The resulting website offers a visually clean interface, vibrant image and video display, and intuitively structured content archiving, giving the user a comprehensive, easy-to-access array of opportunities to browse diverse media resources and learn more about how to get involved with MenCare.