NASTAD is a non-partisan non-profit association whose mission is to end the intersecting epidemics of HIV, viral hepatitis, and related conditions. They strengthen domestic and global governmental public health through advocacy, capacity building, and social justice. 

For the past couple years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with NASTAD on multiple projects. From logos and ads to annual reports and microsites, we’ve helped establish and refine NASTAD’s brand as well as produced refined and comprehensive resources.


Earlier this year we worked with NASTAD’s team to design the 2017 ADAP Report. They wanted a PDF report that was not only visually engaging, accessible and effective at conveying the primary messaging, but also a digital microsite version that was beautifully interactive without being distracting. 


We used a bright color palette and a geometric design to freshen the visual identity of the project, while at the same time, let the content shine. Both the PDF and microsite are interactive and user-friendly, allowing the viewer to easily navigate and engage with the report.

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