As an innovative branch of the Northshore Hospital system, Northwell Health is focused on using technology to fuel progressive advances in medicine and practice. 


While this isn’t new, there are many clinical, evidence-based rules and checklists that can help doctors diagnose patients with common symptoms more accurately, efficiently, and less-invasively. The problem is, no one uses them. The Northwell team needed an interactive way to unify calculators aiding doctors in evidence-based diagnoses, and usability tools to help practitioners integrate these workflows into their every-day schedules.


Other sites exist to house libraries of online clinical prediction rules and calculators, but they lack context, are poorly designed, or don’t separate less accurate rules from best practice. Radish worked with Northwell’s team to put story and content first. Why should doctors trust this site over others, and how could they think differently about actually implementing these rules into their everyday workflow? The result is simple to navigate, user-friendly, and modern approach to evidence-based clinical practice with plenty of room for future growth.

Impact + Highlights

  • Featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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