Client Profile

As a global leader in promoting gender justice and preventing violence in societies, communities, and homes, Promundo works to engage men and boys, in partnership with women and girls.

The Project

Promundo came to us in early 2014 with two websites, one for their Brazilian office, and one for their US office. They also had other locations around the world, a disjointed branding strategy, and an audience who had issues figuring out what the organization does.

Radish helped Promundo align and position themselves as a global non-profit organization, one with a comprehensive brand and content strategy and a design to carry them forward as they expand. We completely restructured and overhauled all of their site architecture and transformed the user experience based on analytics and research. We also guided Promundo through a content overhaul process lead by our team, in which we rewrote all key content on the site to adhere to the new brand and communication framework. We created a central Promundo Global website, with an English and Portuguese version on the WordPress multisite network. We aided the organization with translation best-practices and SEO optimization for multiple languages.

Radish overhauled Promundo’s design and gave them an extremely customized, dynamic and responsive website that works all over the world on any device or bandwidth. This project spanned 15 months and Radish continues to maintain, scale, and adapt the site system to the organization’s needs.