(RED) partners with the world’s biggest brands to create products and experiences that work to end AIDS. All of the money contributed to (RED) partners goes directly to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs.


(RED) came to Radish Lab seeking a creative partner that would help them get their new Squarespace website across the finish line. Building upon their existing work, they needed a hand with fine-tuning their site to truly create a functional and adaptable platform that would meet their needs year round.


Honing in on a much more humanized, impact-focused content strategy and design, Radish Lab supported (RED) in building a site that illustrates who they are outside of their Partners. We leveraged their strong foundation of assets and bright, crisp imagery to tell their story to consumers and encourage users to join (RED) in the fight against AIDS.

Stylistically, we took the Squarespace base and customized it to make (RED)’s site feel unique and tailored to their needs — while also maintaining ease of content updating. We helped them achieve their vision of a consistent and straightforward design by standardizing stylization across items like headlines, body content, and buttons.

Along the way, we also offered maintenance for their previous WordPress site prior to launch of the new site, integrated their existing CRM within Squarespace, and helped them navigate setting up a new donation platform.

Impact + Highlights

  • Ultimately, constant communication and true collaboration made for strong creative partnership and the successful redesign of red.org.
  • Radish Lab continues to support (RED) through a 6-month SEO engagement, educating the client on how to track and use their data to meet organizational goals.

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