Sinnaptic GmbH is a consulting firm that is pushing for radical change within the healthcare space. Supported by a network of organizational partners, Sinnaptic is able to fast-track growth for clients through branding, UX design, IT architecture, IT implementation and more. They work mainly with C-level executives and venture capitalists looking to realign their businesses and secure their investments. 


Sinnaptic, formerly known as T2 Partners, was growing rapidly and needed an identity that established them as the go-to consultancy for C-level executives. “T2 Partners” felt impersonal and hollow, and the team wanted a look and tone that felt bold, charismatic and collaborative. The brand needed to feel fresh and up-to-date, but at the same time, sophisticated and professional enough to earn their clients’ trust.  


Right off the bat, Radish Lab met with the Sinnaptic team to align on their goals and expectations for the new identity. The discovery session gave the team an open forum to discuss the shortcomings of their current brand and what they hoped to see moving forward. Once they defined the new brand persona and what success would look like, Radish went through multiple rounds of naming and logo ideation, refining the idea of a “synapse” as a symbol for networks and connectivity. 

Sinnaptic ultimately decided on a logo that used the double “i” letterforms to express exchange and collaboration, and we used this concept to develop the rest of their transformed brand identity.

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