UNICEF and the Family Online Safety Institute

Client Profile

GRID was first launched in 2010 as the only comprehensive source of peer-reviewed online safety information on a global scale. In late 2015, as a result of a £50 million award to UNICEF from the British Government to stop the online sexual exploitation of children, the Family Online Safety Institute, a DC-based nonprofit, had the challenge of re-launching their GRID project. 

The Project

Radish transformed an outdated, content-heavy site into a sleek, responsive, map-driven experience in fewer than 12 weeks from start to finish. The original GRID site was comprised of over 600 pages of content and a pretty unwieldy and dated user experience. The redesign that Unicef and the Family Online Safety Institute envisioned was a much more streamlined experience, something that would work seamlessly across browsers and platforms, not to mention international borders.

Radish moved GRID from a CMS-driven experience to a database driven one, speeding up the interactions and giving the client a much easier way to manage a huge array of content. We also overhauled the design and created a map-driven search and exploration tool that allows users to visually navigate content. We built a custom content management system in Ruby on Rails that powers the areas of the site the client updates most frequently. The result is a beautifully interactive product that feels modern, trustworthy, and authoritative.

Navigation and information architecture were key focuses on this project. We knew that if we didn’t make it clear and easy to users where they were in the site, they’d quickly get lost and give up. We started with the mobile experience  and worked up to desktop, creating a series of break points that are unique to each platform, but also harmonious in style and user experience.

The Launch

The GRID project officially launched at the House of Lords in London, England in May 2016. Radish produced the above video to introduce the project at the event to help contextualize the human story behind this data-driven website.