World Affairs Council

Client Profile

The World Affairs Council (WAC) is a non-partisan network of thought leaders, change-makers, and engaged citizens throughout the United States dedicated to educating and engaging Americans on international issues. WAC partnered with Radish Lab to redesign the website for the Global Philanthropy Forum, its series of conferences and programs designed to promote discussion and advancement of international causes through strategic giving and social investment.


The Project

The client wanted to update the Global Philanthropy Forum website to make it easier for users to understand the organization’s mission and the calibre of its events, while putting an emphasis on their prestigious community of speakers and thought leaders. At the same time, they wanted to simplify the interface that allows users to browse the substantial collection of videos that come out of their conferences and other campaigns, while highlighting the range of issues that their events and media seek to address.

The main change to the front end was visual. We created a site that has a distinctive, modern style, highlighting not just bold imagery, but bold color. In addition to lacking mobile responsiveness, the existing site had a fussy, rigid format that failed to guide users to the site’s essential pages and content types, which necessitated an overhaul of the site’s information architecture. We also integrated streaming video functionality right on the home page–an essential for an organization whose central platform is live events.

With a hefty amount of content, including speaker profiles, events, videos, and issues pages, it was necessary to make sure that all of it was simple to manage on the back end. We created associations between speakers, blog posts, conferences and issues, which allows visitors to quickly understand how they relate to one another, and after a few sessions of training the client in WordPress, they could easily add their own associations. We were also able to enhance functionality in the final stages of the project by enabling the client to easily curate videos on the Issue pages.

We built a distinctive, content-driven site which more clearly conveys the Global Philanthropy Forum’s mission and programs, and we were ready to launch in time for the 2016 GPF Conference.