Radish Lab is an award-winning, full-service interactive creative agency focused on design for social impact. We believe good design is clear, simple, fun, and should have the power to move you and those you do business with.

With offices in Brooklyn and Berlin, we help social change projects and organizations create and tell compelling digital stories that deeply engage their audiences. With decades of experience, our team brings smart creative and technical solutions to a range of mission-driven communications challenges.

Radish Lab is a graduate of both the Made in New York Media Center’s competitive incubator and StartUp Germany’s Residency program, both of which help storytellers become players in the creative field.


Our team is made up of people who genuinely love what they do and who they work with. We’re innovative designers, masters of collaboration, and full of good ideas.

Alana Range, Radish Lab
Alana Range Principal + Creative Director
Edward Wisniewski, Radish Lab
Edward Wisniewski Partner + Interactive Director
Adam Ludwig, Radish Lab
Adam Ludwig Partner + Strategic Director
Abby Lesnick
Abby Lesnick Managing Director
Jay Mullen, Radish Lab
Jay Mullen Lead Web Developer
Kendall Holland, Radish Lab
Kendall Holland Senior Project Manager
Chris Heuberger
Chris Heuberger Web Developer
Hege Bryn, Radish Lab
Hege Bryn Senior Designer
Pat Farnach
Pat Farnach Interactive Developer
Nate Smith, Radish Lab
Nate Smith Junior Developer
Alina Keay, Radish Lab
Alina Keay Junior Designer
Lydia Gordon, Radish Lab
Lydia Gordon Junior Project Manager
Jenna Hosier
Jenna Hosier Administrator